Burmese cat, European and American? Origin and Character

Burmese cat

The  Burmese cat  is a breed of feline that will not leave you indifferent. This explains how from its remote origins it ended up expanding to all continents, especially to America, at the beginning of the  20th century . The  10 characteristics  that present this peculiar cat, and that will make you know it much better.

The remote origin of Burmese

The  Burmese  has a remote origin. You must go back to history, through literature, to verify that this type of cat was described since the  fourteenth century , in ancient  Siam , modern Thailand.

From  Burma , Dr.  Thompson  takes a copy to the United States, specifically to  San Francisco , where he will begin to cross it until he obtains exceptional traits of this breed of cats , already rare.

Two types of Burmese cats are distinguished

Burmese types

Currently there are  two types of Burmese:

European or English Burmese Cat

It is characterized by having a broad  and rounded skull head  , a pronounced chin and wide jaws. It has a tail that tends to thin.

American Burmese Cat

It has a strong skull, in addition to  rounded shapes . His snout is short and his chin is firm. It usually has a cleft in the  nasofrontal area . Its tail is wide and rounded.

A strong cat with uniform features

2 Burmese

Surely, by the crosses that were made of him, a cat with very rounded features was achieved  , which makes him a very stylized animal. The improvement of the breed of this feline, got it recognized by the  CFA  (Association of Puppy Breeders).

Even his  musculature  is praised, since it allows him that peculiar shape of his body, making him a rather strong cat  .

They got to lose the recognition of the CFA

The  Association of Breeders  (CFA) came to withdraw their recognition from this breed, due to the complaint of many breeders, in the  1940s , for seeing this breed closer to  Siamese cats  and thus considering them weaker.

After an effort to regain the  recognition of the CFA , this is achieved in  1953 .

The Burmese cat likes the company

Burmese cat
Burmese cat

The Burmese cat is a very social cat  . He likes to  live with his family , being very friendly with anyone who wants to approach him.

At times it is  very playful , although it prefers to observe everything that moves around it before getting directly involved. Curiously,  it does not support loneliness , so do not hesitate to show you your disagreement if you leave it for a long time alone at home. A second cat that lives with him in the domestic environment is a very good option and will establish strong friendship bonds.

In his adult stage he is very calm

Burmese - brown

When it grows it tends to adopt an increasingly  calm character , although, in comparison with other cat breeds, it already is. In his  maturity  he will feel very comfortable to be accompanied by his family, while preferring to be  watching  through the window instead of going out to explore the street.

For all the above, it is necessary that you monitor the amount of  food  you eat per day, because of its way of being tends to obesity .

The peculiarity of the colors of his coat

The  fur  of the Burmese cat is very characteristic. You can find  different shades , these are silver, blue, chocolate and brown.

With regard to  the English type , you have to add other colors, compared to the previous ones. This is due to the crossing they have had, in this region, with  Siamese cats of red gene . So you find Burmese with an orange or cream tone  .

It is necessary to emphasize in this breed its  short fur  that, sometimes, seems not to have, of the stuck thing to the body that is.

The good health of the Burmese breed

One of the things that the Burmese cat stands out for is its  longevity , reaching  15 years of age with ease . This is due to the fact that their race  does not present serious diseases  of genetic transmission, perhaps due to all the crossings made during the first half of the twentieth century and its  strengthening  for that reason.

As we mentioned before, reaching adulthood, it tends to get fat. That is why it is necessary to  monitor your diet  and make it move from time to time, with games and activity.

A cat with basic care

You can predict, at this point, that the  care required by a Burmese is minimal . Like any pet, you should take it for  review with the veterinarian , so that the appropriate vaccines are applied  . Despite being a strong cat, we do not want to get sick because of not having put the appropriate means to do so.

With regard to their  aesthetic care , having such short hair does not need to be brushed so often. At most, once a week is enough.

With respect to the  bathroom , you know that cats are not very friendly with water. So, you don’t have to force it too much. A bath can work at  six weeks , which you can also extend if your cat does not exercise much.

A very peculiar meow

The  meow  of the Burmese cat is unique. He comes to perceive himself  hoarse , as if he had spent his last effort in shouting. Although, if they are  in heat , they make their meow become  more acute .

The  Burmese cat  is a perfect company for the whole  family . Not only does it emphasize its beauty and soft colors, but its character is perfect if its owner tends to be  calm . Its  longevity  is another of its virtues, although it will always be necessary to have it well controlled with the help of the veterinarian. In short, it is a cat that falls in love.

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