Why does my cat bite?

Cat bite
Cat bite

My cat bites me?

A cat that bite can have many reasons that will depend on the circumstances in which they occur. The bites can be to warn and alert, to express a call for attention, to play, as a defensive behavior when they can feel attacked, when they are nervous or excited, and one of the most curious and tender, although it may seem strange, is to manifest his love, as a means of expressing his deepest feelings for us; this behavior can have endless apparent reasons and in all cats the behavior is different.

Additionally, the fact that cats bite can depend a lot on their personality, on their education, on the way we treat and pamper them, if their social environment includes more cats or they only find humans. To learn to read this behavior in our cats we must remember that before they were domesticated and taken to our houses, their ancestral behaviors are survival and, above all, independence, for this reason they act like this when they feel that their space is invaded, as a means to retrieve it.

Cat bites other cats tongue?

So, we will name some signs that can help you read this behavior and be able to better understand your biting cat:


When the caregiver and cat are together in a calm context, they each share their space and they, of their own accord, approach your leg, arm, nose or belly, two scenarios can occur: one where the cat can start to quickly lick his handler, preceded by soft bites, common gesture in cats with calm personality. Or, if it is a more aggressive cat and likes to play strong, these little bites will be stronger, but do not be confused, in both situations they are expressing a deep and sincere love, full of confidence for you that you take care of it and feed it.

What happens with this behavior is that many times it is something unexpected, since we see them calm, calm and our reaction to a bite is to walk away and scold them, because that is not good for us. In this situation, the healthiest thing is to detect if a forceful bite comes with the loving tongues, so very gently we can cover the area with some clothes or move away a little to avoid the bite.

When they share the space with other cats you can see how they bite each other between games, you can identify that they don’t hurt each other, that they are mutual and that they spend time interacting and enjoying their games.


because my cat bites

It is clear to us that cats like wild animals use bites as part of catching, dropping, and playing. It is very common for a cat to look for a game to come up and stick small bites to get our attention and be noticed, but it is important to learn to read these moments. The game can start with him looking for your hands mainly, for them they are striking and attractive parts for their movements, but if we let them take our hands as a toy they will be hurt over time and they will scratch and bite them every time stronger and more confident. What you can do in these cases, is to have a toy, a wand or a mouse that you make move and attract your attention to play and get all the energy that is channeled and needs to be released through play and interaction.

When we can identify and get to know those moments of play, it will be a magnificent interactive therapy for us; dedicating time, enjoying with them by means of the wand or the mouse that moves, all that joy that is felt when playing as children, and in this way generate bonds that remain for life with them.

my cat bites playing


A cat that bites can do so depending on the circumstances in which it is found. For example, a very common situation that feline caregivers live is when we are petting them, perhaps we get intense and they feel that it is not comfortable and that we are invading their space, at that time they usually lick their snouts to prepare to bite. It is important that we learn to read these behaviors and we recognize how long it is enough not to alter them and disrespect their space.

Other good examples in which this situation can occur, is when they want to warn that they do not have food, that their sand requires change or that they would like to be opened, at these times a soft meow usually appears first, which increases the tone and not getting a response from us, they decide to bite us to pay attention to them. It is essential for our relationship with them, to know our beloved cats in depth and to know how to decipher their language, to understand them better.


Although it may not seem like it and many people believe the opposite, the dependency that cats generate with man, their house and their environment is very great. And this has to do with a reason that we don’t usually associate with bites, jealousy.

Our cats are territorial and customs animals, something that alters their comfort, changes their habits or enters your home will modify their behavior and biting is an effective way to communicate it. So, when you see something disturbing your environment, try to normalize your environment as much as possible; for example, if it is a new cat at home and even a new member of the family such as a baby, try to make the transmission as calm as possible, if you can before the new member arrives wear a garment that has its aroma, its olfactory memory and sensitivity, will allow remembering and recognizing, helping not to be upset and acceptance is less traumatic, remember that it is your space and has been like this for a while, let’s help it to be quiet and continue to be your favorite place.


Like its wild ancestors, the cat has a territorial and individual nature, its anatomy of fangs and claws makes it normal that its way of defending itself or its territory is by biting and scratching. Thus, when cats find themselves in danger in front of another living being that poses a threat to them, they will put themselves in a defensive position, stooping a bit, slowing down and hissing as if at the first warning signal, if the dangerous situation continues, they will launch to bite and scratch with incredible energy that can cause heavy damage to their opponent.

Being able to reduce these situations of aggression for your cat, such as leaving the house unsupervised, bringing new animals to your space or people of distrust for him, will help your cat not to get hurt in some type of confrontation.


This if it is a challenge, because in the process of recognizing and identifying the behaviors to have a correct coexistence with our beloved cats, sometimes we cannot know well why this act related to biting occurs.

Just as a bite can be given to get attention, sometimes it can be for something totally different that is usually more difficult to identify, such as severe pain or emotional discomfort. In these cases, we advise you to make a kind visit to the trusted vet, so that he can examine you and rule out possible causes, illnesses or depression in our cats.

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