How to play with my cat

play with my cat
how to play with my cat

Best way to play with my cat

You will agree with me that it is our responsibility and duty as caregivers for the well-being of our cats, which is totally based on the lifestyle we provide them, and that includes the play time they need.

It is important, first of all, that we be clear that the cat in a wild habitat would take approximately 6 hours a day of physical activity between hunting and defending, today as a pet he has lost much of these vital times for him, having easy access to food inside the home and not having to fight for their territory, which leads to depressed, overweight or mobility problems. It is here where generating these times of physical activity for our cats every day is essential for their health, integrity and life.

How long should i play with my cat a day?

Generating a game routine of at least 15 minutes twice a day every day, will be incredible for both you and your beloved cat, since here the quality of life is not only improving in our cats, but also ours, strengthening the relationship between the two. This habit will help you get to know your cat better, know its tastes, and differentiate its active and resting moments with ease, which is very important since not all cats are the same and yours may be a special challenge for make him play and motivate him to have a more active life. So if your cat does not have much interest in the game that you play at first, do not worry, it is normal but it is important not to give up and try different things that little by little help you discover what he prefers and turn that moment into a moment of happiness for both of you.

You may wonder then, how do I play with my cat? And what is the best way to start playing with my cat? … Well, first of all you should know that the games are a simulation of the hunting ritual that all cats have as instinct, so it is recommended that you use products or Objects intended for the game and not your hands or feet since you can end up being scratched or bitten by your cat, it is essential that the hands are only for caresses and food, but not for chasing and catching.

So, here we tell you the best objects and strategies to motivate the game at home with your kitten, keeping in mind that the simulation of the movement of a prey is the main thing for a toy to be almost irresistible:

The 8 funniest games for your cat

  1. Canes or Wands: It is usually one of the favorite toys for cats, due to the ease of making quick movements that attract attention and attention in an instant. This toy can simulate both flying and crawling prey, just like a wild cat’s favorite prey, with the advantage that it keeps your hands away from its nails and teeth. Allow your cat to watch, stalk and run after him for several minutes and let him catch him momentarily and at the end of the game to make him feel like a great hunter.

These reeds usually have textures, dolls or sounds that make the experience much more captivating, such as the Flying Wand , a reed-like toy consisting of colorful feathers and an appealing sound.

  • “Like new” toys: Offer your cat prey-like toys that are easy to move, throw and resistant, most of them with an added smell or sound that drives them crazy. Toys like Mouse , Nibbler, or Mega Nibbler containing Catnip, crunchy sound, feathers, or tail to chase, kick, bite, and scratch are great options that they will love.

For this type of play with toys the key is in the variety, but by variety I do not mean to make an investment every eight (8) days, but to always keep current toys interesting, rotate them for days to avoid monotony and put catnip on them to reactivate their power they are good options so that they always look new, even if they are not.

play with my cat
  • Throwing, Seeking, and Catching: Cookies that are commonly used as a treat for cats, which could commonly cause overweight if offered in an uncontrolled manner, may be an excellent strategy for generating physical movement and promoting weight loss in a cat or just to be more active.

In this case, when a cookie is thrown with force, it becomes a moving prey that your cat will want to run around, catch and search to eat. This type of cookie game activates your curiosity and concentration to have something you want, like a wild cat chasing a mouse that jumps and hides. But keep in mind that the number of cookies should be limited per day, based on weight and label recommendations.

It should be noted that at this point, it is feasible to use other types of objects other than cookies, such as pimpons, balls , and even rubber bows or handles (my cat Oliver loves them).

In this case, the mechanics are the same, to throw with force and for the cat to run to catch and, why not, to bring the object back so that it can be thrown again (this is also the case with my cat Oliver)

  • Tunnels: Today, there are a variety of tunnels designed especially for cats that you can find at any pet store, but a paper bag or box has similar effects. The tunnels are excellent options that serve as a kind of obstacle along the way, which generate some difficulty and fun to find or hunt for a prize, a toy or even find that catnip that they love so much, stimulating their curiosity and their senses.
play with my cat
  • Hidden: Hiding behind the door, calling your cat to look for you, is a very valid option when playing with your cat. Because of their curiosity, most of them will want to know where you are and understand that it is time for the game. It may even have happened to you, that it is your own cat that gets into the shower or bath and begins to meow for you to find it, take advantage and spend that time to have fun.
  • Paper Balls: Any material that crunches and sounds will be of attention and fun for your cat, a piece of crumpled paper made into a ball or aluminum foil, you can throw it and due to its size and low weight, it will be easy to drag and chase. In this game it is important that you observe your cat carefully and make sure that it does not swallow the paper, to avoid a possible emergency.
  • Laser: The laser lights or the reflection of light by a watch or other element, are a fun option to play with your cat, which can chase, run, and catch the light. At this point there are two very important things to consider: the first always aim the light away from your kitten’s eyes, to avoid any possible visual damage and the second, there may be cats that are left feeling frustrated at not being able to really capture the light, since it is intangible, for this it is important that you finish the playing time with a toy that the yes can catch and bite and thus avoid said anxiety.
play with my cat
  • Technological Applications: Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, in such a way that it no longer only thinks about supplying information needs for men, but also thinks about pleasing those of their pets. Today you can find applications or download games on your portable tablet, created specifically for the entertainment of cats; moving graphics like fish or mice, arousing curiosity in your cat and the desire to play.

In summary, there are many game options that you can do with your cat, it always changes and experiences options so that you find the best for you and your cat, and thus you manage to promote that active life that he deserves and needs for his well-being. Keep in mind that you can fill your house with toys , gyms, tunnels, among others, but it will always take human action to make it work and provide real play time at home, since without stimulation, an object without movement will be boring , monotonous and without grace for your feline.

And finally, always remember to provide toys to your beloved cat under your supervision and supervision, especially when it comes to small, soft toys or strings that he can swallow.

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