10 tips to improve the quality of life of your cat


The 3 Most Important Ways to Enrich Your Cat’s Life

TRICKS AND TIPS TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF LIFE OF YOUR CAT, we always seek to provide a long, satisfying and healthy life for our cats and those of our clients.

For many people it is clear that a good food or diet for cats is essential to provide such well-being. As in human beings, a correct diet is the best preventive medicine that we can offer them.

But we must be clear that a good diet is not the only important thing for your well-being. It is also necessary to generate good habits daily in front of food.

Here we present 10 tips that you can start practicing day by day to generate small changes in the daily feeding routine of your cat (s), which will surely make a big difference in their quality of life.


  1. Offer high quality meals, with excellent ingredients, composition and nutrients. Animal protein should prevail as one of the first ingredients in the concentrate you choose. Here we share the food pyramid that has served as a guide, from this we recommend the brands of concentrates and wet foods Super Premium, Holistic and Grain Free.

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2. Take into account the territorial organization of your cat, keep in mind that eating, resting, playing, defecating and urinating are functions that should not be mixed. Therefore, your cat must have a separate space for each activity within the home. For example , place the sandbox away from the trough or trough .

3. Have food and drink containers scattered throughout the territory . Make sure to place the food and water containers at a safe distance , cats by nature tend to prefer it that way. Since in the wild, big cats eat and hide their prey away from water reserves, this is because they can be contaminated with the blood or bacteria of the prey. This behavior is still very marked in our domestic cats, for this reason sometimes many people say that their cats do not drink water. Or they prefer to take it from the key. We assure you that if you place several water points at home you will encourage the consumption of water in your cat.

4. Vary the food options: If you give dry food to your cat as the only food, we recommend offering other options such as wet food of excellent quality or natural food prepared especially for cats , so that he will feel pleasure and variety on his palate. Remember that this type of food (wet and natural) supports water intake in our cat, provides more animal protein and fewer carbohydrates.

This does not mean that we give double food ration to our cat, the ideal is to create a balance between the dry food that he normally consumes and the wet or natural food that you want to give him, so the total daily portion needed will not be affected and your cat is not supercharged. This is where our point No. 5 starts.

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5. Manage a way of feeding according to each cat , since they all have different and unique behaviors, for which reason it is essential that each owner knows very well the behavior of his own cat and offers him the best according to his own customs and needs.

There are 2 ways to feed our cats at home:

Controlled Feeding:

As a food supplier, you will control both the time and quantity of the food you offer your cat a day. We recommend giving 2 or 3 servings of food daily at defined times.

Controlled feeding has several advantages, among them it allows you to control the total amount of food your cat consumes, avoiding possible problems with overweight or obesity. Also the freshness of the food.

It also allows you to keep track of health if you have several cats at home. Since you can easily see if anyone stops eating, this may be an indication of illness.

Another benefit is that it strengthens the bond between the owner and the cat, allowing interaction between the two.

There may be disadvantages in this type of feeding, for example if your cat asks for food at other times than the established one and you agree to give it; he will learn that by meowing or drawing your attention he will get his food. This can become obsessive or repetitive behavior.

Food freely available:

In this type of diet, food will be permanently available. In general it can be a good thing for your cat, since he will eat small amounts throughout the day when he feels hungry, this favors a more natural behavior of cats.

The disadvantage with this technique is the bacteriological risk. Since your cat’s food will be exposed to the environment for a long time. It will also lose palatability and for this reason your cat may not want to eat, you also have no control over the amount of food consumption per day. This could cause obesity or conversely lack of nutrients. And of course you will lose contact with your cat, this will decrease the link with him.

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Mixed Feeding:

Mixed feeding means that you will provide dry food freely available and wet food in a controlled manner (1 or 2 times a day). This technique has the advantages of the two types of feeding previously mentioned.

More specifically, it allows the cat to make numerous meals throughout the day according to its needs and times; and at the same time reinforces the cat’s bond with the owner.

We recommend handling a mixed diet with daily portion control , for both dry and wet food. This to avoid excessive consumption that may affect the health of our cat.

You must observe, watch, know the routine of your cat and so you can choose the best method for him.

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6. Give your cat food with some difficulty , such as on high shelves where he needs to climb to get to it, through the game that allows him to run and catch, using slow-feeding dishes that activate his mind to gain access to her and eat, so we avoid easy and effortless consumption by the cat, making it prone to sedentary lifestyle, monotony and overweight.

7.Offer food at room temperature, not cold or frozen. In the wild, cats hunt their prey and eat it immediately, this food-supplying animal is at a normal body temperature that will gradually cool down over time, at which point there will probably not be much left to eat from it. This suggests that the cat’s metabolism works correctly with food at room temperature, those frozen or very cold could make our cat feel bad and not allow proper digestion.

8. Opt for ceramic or metal plates to serve food or water . Plastic dishes tend to retain bacteria, which can cause feline acne to develop in our cat, including generating allergies due to the material. Ceramic feeders, on the other hand, help to maintain the temperature of food and water, they are not porous, so they avoid the concentration of bacteria and allow their correct cleaning.

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9. Frequently wash feeders and drinkers to avoid bad odors, accumulation of bacteria and poor hygiene in general.

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Cat fountain 3 lt of water

10.Provide fresh water every day to your cat . Water consumption is of vital importance for the health of cats, and promoting its consumption is our task as cat protectors. Fresh water will always be well received by our cats, while standing water for more than 24 hours will not be to your liking and it is likely that it is already very dirty for consumption. A great solution to keep the water fresh for longer is to provide electric water sources , since it does not keep the water stagnant and they significantly encourage the consumption of water in cats, thanks to the constant movement in which it is found. Most cats prefer moving water, since it is oxygenated, it cleans thanks to the filter that these sources have to remove impurities and their sound motivates them to drink.

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