I want a Siamese cat, what do I need to know

Siamese - cat
Siamese - cat

Siamese cats are very curious, sociable, affectionate with their relatives and therefore an excellent option if you are looking to have a pet in your life. In this article you will find the main information that you should take into account to make a cat of this breed part of your home.


 Siamese - Playing
Siamese – Playing

The Siamese cat is a breed of feline from which two varieties are distinguished which are known as the modern Siamese and the traditional Siamese or Thai. The modern Siamese cat appeared in 2001 and has a finer, elongated and oriental style, its features are more marked and pronounced than those of the traditional Siamese cat .

Cats of this breed come from the ancient Siam kingdom, now known as Thailand, and were later brought to the United States and England. These animals lived with the king and were exclusive specimens of royalty, since they have a pure character and at birth they are white, a color that is considered sacred in its place of origin.

They are usually highly admired for their great beauty and charming personality, so it is not surprising that when they participate in exhibitions they steal all eyes.

Life expectancy

This cat usually lives between 9 and 15 years.

Siamese cat fur color

The coat color of Siamese cats can range from creamy white to dark brownish gray. One of the peculiarities in its appearance is that in addition to having the beautiful blue color in the eyes; in the areas of lower body temperature also known as points (face, ears, legs and tail) they have a darker coat color than in the rest of their body.

Varieties according to their coat color

  • Lilac point: light gray coloration.
  • Cream point: light cream or orange fur.
  • Chocolate point: light brown color.
  • Seal point: dark brown color.
  • Blue point: Siamese cat with dark gray fur.
  • Red point: dark orange.
  • Tabby point: they are Siamese cats with any of the fur colors mentioned above, but with a tabby pattern.
  • Tortie point or “turtle scale”: these are Siamese cats that have reddish spots.


Siamese – cat

Cats are very independent by nature and those of this breed are also characterized by being very curious and hyperactive, but with a good education they can become obedient and submissive to their adoptive family. Siamese cats often show affection for their family and are generally very sociable with other people.

The Siamese cat has extraordinary agility and its energy is overwhelming , it will surely infect everyone around him. Among the negative aspects of the breed we can highlight the fact that it does not tolerate the absence of its keepers, so it needs to receive a lot of attention, it is also usually quite vocal and in periods of heat it emits some meows of a very serious tone.


Siamese - colors
Siamese – colors
  • Weight: the female weighs between 3.5 and 4.5 kg, and the male weighs between 4.5 and 5.5 kg.
  • Head: very well proportioned, in modern Siamese cats it has a triangular head and the traditional Siamese has an apple head.
  • Body: slim, elegant, medium and long.
  • Eyes: medium, almond shaped, slightly oblique and bright blue or deep blue.
  • Nose: straight and without deviations from the forehead to the tip of it, it has the same color as the points.
  • Ears: they are larger than those of many feline breeds.
  • Coat: short, fine, silky, smooth and tight. The coat of the traditional type Siamese cat is much denser and rougher than that of the modern type.
  • Tail: long, narrow at the base and tapers towards the tip.

Specific care

  • This Siamese cat adapts easily to various spaces, but it is recommended to have a free place where it can release all the great energy that in itself characterizes the breed.
  • Its coat should be brushed twice a week.
  • Your diet must have a good percentage of protein.
  • He needs to clean his feeders frequently, as he will not feel comfortable if they have any unpleasant odors.
  • Ideally, you should not adopt a Siamese cat when it is less than three months old, since it is necessary for it to spend the first months next to its mother so that it grows healthy and balanced.
  • Remember to deworm your feline , provide an adequate vaccination schedule for your cat as well as regular veterinary checks.

Curiosities of the cat:

  • It is another breed that is known as the “cat dog” because they are very affectionate with their family and often run to say hello when you get home.
  • this cats had a very important role in the funerals of the kings in Thailand, they were placed inside the tomb and when they came out from there it was believed that the deceased had reincarnated in it.
  • The Siamese cat sleeps more than 12 hours a day, and is usually most active in the early morning and late afternoon.
  • Artists like Josephine Baker or Charles Chaplin chose a Siamese cat as a companion animal.

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